Review your enrollments


Here you can review all of your enrollments. This is like your own personal ledger where you can review details on every transaction thas comes in.

1. Click on ENROLLMENTS.

2. In this section you can view a table with all of your enrolled families.

3. Use the top filter to search enrollments more easily.

4. Choose between this multiple tools to filter your enrollments search:

  • Use the Class section to search by class.
  • Use the Search by Date filter. Select the Start and End dates of the searched class.
  • Insert Customer or Parent Names to filter their enrollments.
  • In the Child section you can see the students of that selected enrollment. Click on the name to see the students’ full name.
  • Search by using the customer’s Status.
  • Search by using the customer’s date of enrollment.
  • You can see if the booking included a puppet. You can also see if extra puppets were purchased.
  • You can also see the Class Price, Fee and Your Total for each enrollment.

5. You can download a .cvs with all your enrollments information.


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