Flight School Training in 中文(Mandarin)

Capstone Video

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Flight School Training


The first section of our curriculum training is the ritual songs and activities. you will use these song and activities in every class you teach. Click here to explore the Class Structure you will use.


The second section of our curriculum training is a sample class. The theme of the sample class is Fruits which corresponds to your first Monthly unit. After you’ve gone through Class Structure and Sample class Training , you can begin to learn your first unit – Fruits. While the ritual songs and activities do not change, the themed songs and activities do change every month. Click to go to a Sample Class.


Fruits (and all other Monthly units) contain only the songs and activities for that month’s themed section of a class. It is up to you to insert the themed element of a class into the outline of the class Structure. Your sample class training demonstrates how the ritual songs and activitiesare paired with the themed units. Click here to go practice the fruits class, and get ready to record your Capstone Video!