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Welcome to Bilingual Birdies Online Classes!

Experience the bilingual magic from home with virtual classes for kids up to age 6!


How it Works:
Learn & practice languages at home through singing, dancing, and puppetry! Interactive 30-minute classes are available for your family live by our top bilingual teaching musicians who will enchant your child while they increase their vocabulary and celebrate diversity! Sign up and enjoy unlimited classes in Spanish, French, and Mandarin. You’re welcome to enroll in classes any day of any week! We have rolling enrollment and each class is a unit of it’s own. Once you’re enrolled, every Friday we’ll send you an email with the link to access the classes for the week. If you suddenly decide that you’re no longer able to continue with the classes you may cancel at any time!



  • Pay Weekly: $20 per week of unlimited access to classes ($6.67 per class)
  • Pay Monthly: $60 per month of unlimited access to classes and includes digital materials (Discounted to $5 per class)
  • Pay for the Entire Semester: $240 charged at the beginning of a four month semester and includes digital materials and your own Puppet (Discounted to $5 per class)The semester begins Jan and ends 16 weeks later in April.


Steps to Enroll:

  1. Fill out the form below and select if you want your own Puppet for $35.
  2. Select to pay weekly, monthly, or for the entire semester.
  3. While you wait for your Puppet in the mail, we’ll email you the link to access your classes for the first week. Note: Every Friday we’ll email you the links to the classes for the upcoming week.


Zoom is like Skype! It’s a free video conferencing tool that has super strong connection. You and your teacher will be able to see each other in real time!

No, the classes will be available live at the time of the listed schedule only.

In each class children learn 10-15 new vocabulary words and short phrases through music, movement, and puppetry. They also increase their musical aptitude through activities that their teachers lead with a guitar, ukulele, or keyboard to explore monthly themes relating to the developmental world of children. Engaging puppets are used to enhance social emotional learning. Families follow along at home with their Mini Birdkit, which include items to help make the educational process super fun! Virtual classes are an opportunity for families to bond in a safe and healthy environment at home while celebrating language and culture together.

Based on your selection of a weekly, monthly, or semester-based commitment, we’ll charge your credit card accordingly on an ongoing basis and you can cancel at any time.

Both! For the child to get the maximum benefit, the parent or caregiver needs to be present and participating

Have your computer, tablet, or tv screen ready for use in a place where your child can sit on the floor or a chair but also have a bit of space to move around. Adults should keep the bubble wand close to help administer the bubble dance party extravaganza at the end of the class!

No worries! You’ll still have fun and then once it arrives you’ll be at maximum fun level.

We got you! There’s a discounted sibling rate of $30 per additional Mini Birdkit if you need more than one.

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