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In Person
Light it Up with Myla
Friday 10:00am-10:30am
May 13 - August 26 Alice in Wonderland.
Q2GM+29 Nueva York, EE. UU.
Total: $90 USD-7/16 Weeks
$90 USD Total

7/16 Weeks


Meet Myla and get ready to light up your bilingual journey! This semester is about learning 10-20 new words per class that relate to fruits and healthy eating, pedestrian safety, making friends, and celebrating her birthday. Children learn through music, movement, and puppetry!

In Person
Adventures with Myla
Spanish 2-5 yrs
Wednesday 03:30pm-04:00pm
June 02 - July 21 Lincoln Harbor Park, Weehawken.
234 E 149th St, Bronx, NY 10451, EE. UU.
Total: $50 USD-3/8 Weeks
$50 USD Total

3/8 Weeks


Join Myla for the most epic adventures while children learn new vocabulary about healthy eating and safely crossing the street. Expect to learn 10-20 new words in each class through fun songs, movement games, and puppetry.


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