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What our teachers deliver to schools:

Cultural Awareness

Help children bridge cultural gaps, celebrate diversity, and grow into more open-minded adults.


Engage children with live music to ensure learning is fun and effective from day one.


Show parents how your school rises above the competition with high-quality take home materials mirroring our curriculum.

Our Program Includes

Unique Methodology

  • Live music which evokes emotion and triggers memory with language acquisition
  • Puppetry to increase social-emotional development
  • Movement and dance that promote physical fitness
  • Rhymes and storytelling for heightened student engagement
  • Exploratory games that increase children’s imagination

All-in-one Solution

  • 30-minute sessions in each classroom (45 minutes for afterschool programs)
  • Instruments & props provided for each student to use
  • Bilingual Birdies CD downloads and vocabulary sheets for each student to take home
  • Classroom teachers integrated into each session
  • Packages available for any budget
  • Quick and easy to get started

What our teachers deliver to schools

Our most popular and successful offering is our school partnership. It is our honor to come to your school and create a culturally rich experience for your students. The majority of our partnerships are with preschools; however we also visit kindergartens and first grade classes, community centers, and indoor playgrounds. Whether it’s in school or afterschool, Bilingual Birdies is the answer to your foreign language learning needs. Our goal is to teach basic vocabulary and short phrases through our live music curriculum. Children are introduced to a foreign language while they build cultural awareness and a genuine respect for diversity.

We currently teach over 3,000 children per week in preschools nationally where we teach Spanish, French, Mandarin, and English (ESL). Before entering the classroom, our Bilingual Teaching Musicians complete our Birdies University Teacher Training Program where they master our live music teaching methodologies. We work with all types of schools, including private preschools, head start programs, public schools and summer camps. It is our goal to educate as many children as possible and will cater to any budget.

School Directors on Bilingual Birdies

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My favorite part is the high quality and enthusiasm of the teachers! I wouldn’t change a thing about the program and we’re thrilled to have them in our school each week.
Howard Johnson
Director, Medical Center Nursery School
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The program is phenomenal. It's a huge selling point for parents who come to visit and see that their children can learn a foreign language.
Yvonne Young
Director, CCS Montessori Preschool


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