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Allison Antoine

Allison Antoine

Languages: French
From: Milford, IA
Telephone: (605) 212-2731
Your special way of getting the children's attention or unique teaching technique

I have a lot of tricks and tips over the years. I love to sing to get attention, turn off lights, bring out a special blanket to sit on (or even laundry baskets), taking deep breaths, etc.

One reason why you think learning a foreign language is important at a young age

Language literally opens the front door to the world and the more languages and cultures we are exposed to, the more people we can communicate with and the more understanding we can have together.

Schools: Invite me to your classrooms
Schools: Invite me to your classrooms

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Customer review

The children really warm up to our Bilingual Birdies teacher  and she has perfected her craft. The sessions are nicely balanced between sitting and moving, singing and dancing, which allows the Spanish just comes naturally. The children look forward to the class!
Ellen Cerniglia
Director, Giocare Preschool
This was the most fun training we’ve ever had! I value the new skills I’ve gained and feel confident I can start applying them immediately in my classroom. Thank you Bilingual Birdies!
Maria Sanchez
Preschool Teacher at YMCA, New York City
Becoming a Bilingual Birdies teacher has given my life new purpose.  The service we provide is needed now more than ever to help new generations of kids become more culturally sensitive.
Tomas Latorre
Spanish Teacher


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