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Naomi Magola

Languages: English
From: United States
Telephone: (985) 876-5861
One reason why you think learning a foreign language is important at a young age

Our brains absorb language much easier when we are young, that is why it is important to start language learning early

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Schools: Invite me to your classrooms

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Caregiver-and-child classes

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Birthdays & Private Classes

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Customer review

The real intention behind why I started Bilingual Birdies is to set up kids to be more open-minded adults.
Sarah Farzam
The children really warm up to our Bilingual Birdies teacher  and she has perfected her craft. The sessions are nicely balanced between sitting and moving, singing and dancing, which allows the Spanish just comes naturally. The children look forward to the class!
Ellen Cerniglia
Director, Giocare Preschool
Bilingual Birdies has been a rewarding opportunity, that has allowed me to continue to teach and hone my skills; while sharing my language and culture with the beautiful people in my community. I am grateful for this chance, and I look forward to the future as I continue to expand and spread bilingualism in my area.
Veronica Tierra
Teacher & Birdkit Founding Member


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