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Sarah Farzam

Sarah Farzam

Languages: English & Spanish
From: Los Angeles, CA
Telephone: (646) 443-1313
How/Why is your work at BB meaningful to you?

Because it encompasses all of my interests — music, language, culture, children, and education. Also, because I can create a space where talented musicians have the opportunity to share their skills with inspirational and curious children.

Favorite adult band/singer in the language you teach

Julieta Venegas (Mexico) and Manu Chao (Spain). Also, Rita (an Israeli singer). And, Hypernova (Iran).

Schools: Invite me to your classrooms
Schools: Invite me to your classrooms

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Caregiver-and-child classes

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Birthdays & Private Classes

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Customer review

We took private lessons in Spanish and French with Bilingual Birdies and my children just loved them!
I enjoyed it immensely because it was very dramatic and theatrical. Their multilingual and multicultural storytelling is an excellent approach to early literacy because it invites people from all cultures to participate through music, a universal language.
Eve Doganges
Senior Children’s Librarian, New York Public Library
I love Bilingual Birdies because it’s an opportunity for my child to experience language the way she wants to learn.
Sharon Ng


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