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Meet the Teacher

Sarah Blackburn

Sarah Blackburn

Languages: English & French
From: Louisville, Kentucky
Your special way of getting the children’s attention or unique teaching technique:

Sound effects, silence, and simple rhythms that you just can’t help but play on the guitar with all your heart.

Why your work at BB is meaningful to you:

I get paid to quack like a duck. Genial, non?!? In all seriousness, it is a beautiful combination of two of my passions in life, music and language. I get to share what I love with hundreds of children each week. All the people I meet through this work (the nannies, librarians, school directors and my colleagues) all touch my life profoundly. I am grateful for a job that challenges me to be a better educator, performer, and humanitarian and they let me rap to children’s songs in French!

Favorite part of a BB class:

I love the childrens’ suggestions for what Christophe le Canard (Christopher the Duck) should eat. The best so far are burritos, strawberry ice cream, and chicken.

Schools: Invite me to your classrooms
Schools: Invite me to your classrooms

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Customer reviews

Becoming a Bilingual Birdies teacher has given my life new purpose.  The service we provide is needed now more than ever to help new generations of kids become more culturally sensitive.
Tomas Latorre
Spanish Teacher
The program is phenomenal. It's a huge selling point for parents who come to visit and see that their children can learn a foreign language.
Yvonne Young
Director, CCS Montessori Preschool
I love Bilingual Birdies because it’s an opportunity for my child to experience language the way she wants to learn.
Sharon Ng


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