Bilingual Birdies

Tucson, Arizona

Learn Spanish with Nancy!

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How Bilingual Birdies Works

Our mission is to encourage cross-cultural awareness through our language and music curriculum so that children will grow up to be more open-minded adults.

Virtual and in-person services include:

Schools, birthdays and private classes

If you’re a school director interested in classes or a parent inquiring about a bilingual birthday party or private lessons, we’re here to deliver the best educational experience possible.

Meet your teachers!

Erika Huerta
Spanish Teacher
I love Bilingual Birdies because my child gets to experience language the way she wants to learn.
Sharon Ng
The program is phenomenal! It prepares children for the world ahead.
Yvonne Young
Director, Ccs Montessori Preschool

Parent Materials

All enrolled families receive digital and physical materials to continue learning at home.

Parent materials include:

  • Downloads of our original music albums
  • Lyrics page of popular songs
  • Monthly ebooks of themed curriculum
  • Vocabulary sheets with keywords from class
  • Plush mini birdie puppet each semester
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